Listen Music…….

Telling people what did you use to listen music when you were young, then it will be easily to know which age group you are in. Back in the days, singer used to be evaluate by the volume of CD was sold, which it seems no longer be the way in the market anymore. Consumer can get music from many difference sources, most people get them in a legal way but, some don’t. This has become a big challenge for the music industry that the trend has changed from one to the other. Had it not been noticed and matched with a suitable solution, one would easily fail in the rapid trendy market.

In the past, people went to music stores to select the CDs they want to listen to and purchase them. CDs were considered pricy in a sense but people were willing to do as there were not many other ways to get music from. A successful singer needed to be marketed in a way that his/her CDs are sold with a profitable quantity. The marketing was relatively monopoly by promoting a release of a new CD and eventually to raise the awareness of the singer. The whole thing worked pretty well until internet got invented and people could download music by sitting in front of the computer.

There are so many resources out on the internet that you can listen music to. As the existing of illegal download of music, iTune, SoundCloud and Spotify are some of the main providers where people can pay to download music from. Various methods of downloading are available to attract people with different needs of music. People can pay for the single song they like from different albums and singers or to subscribe a monthly membership to listen to unlimited music that the provider includes in the subscription. It is a whole different concept of people getting music than solely from CDs.

Because of the internet is growing, competition has a lot stronger than before when the singer mainly focus on the sales of their CD album. Marketers need to pay more attention to promote the singer for getting a bigger share in the internet market. Every single bit counts such as the user friendliness of the website and a manageable payment option. A well coordination between singers, production and website distribution is essential to embrace the challenge the changing trend in the music production industry.

If the downloading music is going to discontinue in the digital world, what will be the new technology that we can get the music from?




How to plan for trip?

Travelling has been one of the most favourable activities in human history. The purposes of a trip may vary between different people and various needs are to be met in order to get what they want. Some people like exploring to new places, seeing different cultures which are not as same as their own. However, planning for a trip must need to make sure that time is spent efficiently when being in a foreign place. There are many methods of planning a trip by using technologies, which it can enjoy planning a lot more convenience to have easy access to the information that they need for a desire trip. In the past, when the world was not connected with internet, getting information for a foreign place was difficult and might not be available. When people wanted to plan for a trip, they needed to ask from expert or travel agent for further information.

Back in the 90s, travel agencies were popular when people were planning for a trip. Travel package for a getaway from work to New York City, a sunny family reunion trip in California or a honeymoon with your partner in Paris are all available with a travel agent. They have most of the information that you need from the moment you start of thinking a vacation to enjoy a body tan at the beach. Even though people who enjoyed traveling on their own rather than being guided to tourist spots for photo-taking, most of them would get information from a travel agent as they could not get much easily out there.

When internet became common and allowed to use at home computer during the millennium, information was spread through the digital world and it benefited many travellers to obtain what they need in order to plan for a good trip on their own. Traveling bloggers like to share the funny magic show they have seen in Las Vegas and so was the taste of the best Hainanese chicken rice when they had from a street in Singapore. Unique information can be found easily to meet a planner’s desire. People were able to follow the tracks that various online users have shared the tips that made the trip more efficient and enjoyable. Therefore,, the visit of a travel agency started to decline as people had more control on a trip planning in a easy way.

Advance technology has been growing everyday, the existence of smartphones and mobile apps has brought the easiest way of a trip planning ever. Within a few swipe and clicks, air tickets, hotels and car rentals can all be booked. Sightseeing locations and their detail description are all in the travel planning app. It can even create a schedule with all needed information from the mobile phone. More information can be viewed right away during the trip while the memorable moment can be shared through one’s mobile phone and became useful for the others. This interaction is one of the reasons why travelling mobile apps has won over the computer-base internet and the travel agencies.

There are always people who would like to stick with the traditional travel agencies as this is a service for those who do not want to bother any planning phase of a travel. The trade-off will then be the fun of researching the information of the place you are visiting and the flexibility that you can have during the trip. If you are planning for a trip, what would be your best way to plan in order to get the most out of travelling?


What gets your attention?

Continue with the topic of Guerrilla Advertising from the Pictionary. This type of advertising has become very popular in the globe market. This advertisement method has attract new consumers to participate to the event by special effect, story scene or trial sample. The main concept is to create unexpected content, or situation to get consumer’s attention, which it builds a unique brand image or a must-to-have effect for the company or product.

Guerrilla advertising has a high response rate from the consumers, due to the following:

  • Increase the number of consumers to interact with their social media
  • Will affect consumer’s purchasing power in their peer group
  • Increase consumer’s perception of value towards the company and the products
  • Will increase the number of sales and revenue

There are a few advertisements that I found it is very interesting and the marketers have done a great job.

1) North Face

North Face is an American company selling outdoor clothes and equipments. Ten weeks ago, North Face had launched a campaign in Korea called Never Stop Exploring, they had create portable retail store and get consumers to climb on the wall by not falling into the trap. I think this is a great experience to experiment rock climbing and get prizes if we achieve to the goal.

2) British Airway

British Airways advertises their brand in the shopping mall in Moscow, it hosted a show of boarding on the plane with all the famous characters that symbolize the British’s country. It includes Sherlock Holmes, The Beatles, Mary Poppins, The Royal Queen and James Bond. The marketer uses all the characters that can easily be recognize by the consumers, which it helps the brand to increase the reputation


Nivea asked a consumer to try their product and it proves what can be happen to her if she uses Nivea’s product. This campaign has create a good experience for consumer to understand what will happen to their life if they use their skin products.

4) Red Bull

Red Bull had invite Mark Webber, the Formula 1 driver to drive the race car in the middle of London with busy traffic. It is impossible to have a race car driving on the street, which Red Bull used a race car to driven around the London to attract consumers. It is a great opportunity for consumers to record the advertisement and update to their social media platforms to help Red Bull to increase their brand through the digital social world.

5) Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has creates numbers of campaign every year, they make millions of revenue yearly and they always return it to the community. In Dhaka, people do not get educated of recycling, so Coca-Cola had create happiness arcade and people are required to bring an empty bottle for a free game. This campaign is a good method to give a lesson to the community of the benefit from recycling bottles and what can we do to help saving the world.


If anyone have other Guerrilla advertisements that get their attention, please feel free to share it with me.



Marketing through the decades

Marketing has exist over a hundred and it has change the society through decades. Back in the 80’s, the technology was not as rich as today, businesses used direct response method for marketing and it was quite successful. After a decade, businesses do marketing and advertising on television, radios and magazine, which it increased the cost of branding, but also increased the number of audiences’ attention. During the Millennial, technology and internet had join the social world, which companies use advanced technology to market their brand and products, which it is lower cost and higher feedback from the consumers.

In the 80’s

The technology wasn’t as popular as in the 1980’s, the marketers used yellow pages and white pages to target their market by calling to their potential consumers. They used different technique to promote their brand and products through phone and mail. Normally, they asked to speak with the residential or commercial’s owner, then they introduced themselves, their company and their products, which it was the most common method to target their market.

Comics were very popular during the 80’s, not every household are able to afford a television at home. Therefore, the young generation like to read comic books and put themselves into the comic world. Marketers used comic’s characters to attract their target market, which it used different super hero on their advertisement to get their consumer’s attention.

In the 90’s

As the technology started to grow in the world, business companies have different ways to market their brand and products. To gain their awareness, marketers used celebrity as endorsement advertising for commercial and tried to get as much exposure as it could by advertised on newspapers, magazines and billboards. Even though, these advertisements are higher cost than sending postcards or flyers to households, but it increased the number of consumers to get a chances to view the advertisement.

In the mid 90’s, Internet had entered into household’s market as the internet was for commercial use only when it first launched. Marketer had started to use email to target their market and begun to expand the business through the global world.

In the Millennial


Internet has become part of everyone’s life, everyone can access to the global world through their electronic devices. It is an good opportunity for marketer to target consumers through the social network. As advance technology getting richer in the world, it creates digital social media in the cyber world to build up relationship between people to get connect to each others. Marketer use social media to advertise their brand and products, which it decreases Marketing costs and increases the website’s traffic. Therefore, the traditional marketing has been slowly get replace by the social media marketing.


Free Gift!

Advertising is one of the method to increase the brand awareness, which there are companies will reveal to the target customers that there is an alternative option to promote their brand and products. To gain the interest of the customers, it requires to create a campaign to attract the target customers and motivate them to purchase the products. To generate awareness of the brand, there must be a campaign to represent the brand or the product. The campaign needs to be a tagline or slogan to capture target audience’s interests and to create word of mouth.

Young generations are the easiest group to target and to generate interest of the brand or the products. They rely on their electronic devices and spend most of their time on their mobile phone, especially on applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. From those mobile applications, advertisements of the will be through mobile marketing. Instagram and Facebook are electronic platforms where the company can update their information and post the current events for their followers.

To increase the number of followers, all the advertisements are require to make the campaign to become viral in the public. One of the best advertisement to increase the brand awareness, it involves a call to action by getting customer to participate or interact with the advertising, this method is call Guerrilla Advertising. At the beginning of the October, Pictionary use this type of advertising in the mall to generate customers’ interest and to increase the brand awareness. Pictionary used digital billboard in the mall to attract customers to enhance experience with their products. The major concept is to gather customers to get to know the product and understand their campaign – “Anytime is Game Time”. In the mall, people may not expect to have fun and share a good time with other people that are shopping.

But what is the impact of this advertisement? Is the video on Youtube to increase viewers to know about the Pictionary and how viral it may become the essential part of the marketing plan. After 6 weeks, the video has 1.05 millions viewed which I think Pictionary has succeed on their advertisement.

I have never participated to any Guerrilla advertisement, but I have seen lots of video on YouTube, which I think there are not many Guerrilla advertising in Vancouver. Have you ever participate to any Guerrilla advertisement? I would like to stop and to play Pictionary with a digital billboard, because it is better than playing on the mobile phone.


Travel sponsorship

Do you ever wish someone to sponsor for your travel? Have you ever wonder how are those adventure travellers support themselves by travelling for months?


There are two ways to get sponsorship:

1) Adventurer needs to seek companies for sponsorship.

2) Companies will seek famous adventure travellers to sponsor to their event.


Adventurer seeks companies for sponsorship. 


For Adventure travellers to seek companies sponsor their event, they need a good proposal to attract those companies for interests. First, the traveller must define their goals for this event, companies may not be interested to sponsor someone that going to travel around the world with their backpack. Their goal must be unique and stand out from other people seeking for sponsorship.

The sponsorship proposal is the most important aspect to attract the companies to support the expedition. It must be clear on what exactly the traveller wants the sponsor goes to toward their events or charity. Be specific to-the-point of describe of who they are, what do they do, what do they want from the sponsor and why they choose to the specific company. The most important is what will the company get in return from the sponsor, it will be easier to succeed if the traveller get to understand the company objectives and priorities ahead of the time.

Also, it is important to determine who is the appropriate person to submit the proposal. It will save times if it gets to the right prospective. Follow-up with the prospective after giving them an amount of times to make decision towards the proposal. Do not push too hard to prospective, otherwise it will be reject without pending it.


Companies seek famous adventure travellers to sponsor


Brand companies will seek for popular adventurers or travellers to sponsor for advertising and marketing. Sponsorship is a good way for marketing to raise their awareness and attract new business. Company sponsor the travellers for the event by providing funds and goods that they need, but there are some agreements between the process. Travellers need to have numbers of followers on their blogs or other platforms and update their social medias related to the events and the sponsor and they can only use the goods that the company sponsor.

Sponsorship is a new method of advertising, the percentage of success is higher than the traditional advertising through magazine and television ads. The new generation rely on their electronic devices, they update their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube through their mobile devices frequently. In that way, companies use those social web presence to advertising their brand.

Dean Potter, the boundary-pushing American adventurer, who is famous from rock climbing, line-walking and Base-Jumping, etc. He has different social web presences, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs and posts on magazines as the National Geographic. He is very famous to the rock climbers and hikers, one of his video, “Moonwalk“, got viral through the internet. Therefore, companies like Adidas, FiveTen, Metolius and others have sponsor Dean for all the clothes and gears for his activities.

Four months ago, Dean went to wingsuit base-jump with his dog, Adidas sponsored this event to help Dean to break his own record of base-jump with his dog. This video also got viral by posting all over his social media platforms, his followers and bloggers blog about the “When Dogs Fly” with the world, which it also help the sponsor company to increase the awareness of the Adidas’s brand.