Marketing through the decades

Marketing has exist over a hundred and it has change the society through decades. Back in the 80’s, the technology was not as rich as today, businesses used direct response method for marketing and it was quite successful. After a decade, businesses do marketing and advertising on television, radios and magazine, which it increased the cost of branding, but also increased the number of audiences’ attention. During the Millennial, technology and internet had join the social world, which companies use advanced technology to market their brand and products, which it is lower cost and higher feedback from the consumers.

In the 80’s

The technology wasn’t as popular as in the 1980’s, the marketers used yellow pages and white pages to target their market by calling to their potential consumers. They used different technique to promote their brand and products through phone and mail. Normally, they asked to speak with the residential or commercial’s owner, then they introduced themselves, their company and their products, which it was the most common method to target their market.

Comics were very popular during the 80’s, not every household are able to afford a television at home. Therefore, the young generation like to read comic books and put themselves into the comic world. Marketers used comic’s characters to attract their target market, which it used different super hero on their advertisement to get their consumer’s attention.

In the 90’s

As the technology started to grow in the world, business companies have different ways to market their brand and products. To gain their awareness, marketers used celebrity as endorsement advertising for commercial and tried to get as much exposure as it could by advertised on newspapers, magazines and billboards. Even though, these advertisements are higher cost than sending postcards or flyers to households, but it increased the number of consumers to get a chances to view the advertisement.

In the mid 90’s, Internet had entered into household’s market as the internet was for commercial use only when it first launched. Marketer had started to use email to target their market and begun to expand the business through the global world.

In the Millennial


Internet has become part of everyone’s life, everyone can access to the global world through their electronic devices. It is an good opportunity for marketer to target consumers through the social network. As advance technology getting richer in the world, it creates digital social media in the cyber world to build up relationship between people to get connect to each others. Marketer use social media to advertise their brand and products, which it decreases Marketing costs and increases the website’s traffic. Therefore, the traditional marketing has been slowly get replace by the social media marketing.


One thought on “Marketing through the decades

  1. You’re right, social media marketing has taken over most older forms of marketing. Its just too effective to pass up. Its cheap, fast, and reaches a large market that is constantly connected through the net. Its whats big for marketing right now and i don’t think it going anywhere anytime soon.


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